Innovation is in our DNA at APE Grupo. Our quest for continuous improvement in products and designs has led us to develop the XLINING large-format range. This has enabled us to go beyond classic ceramic tile applications, such as paving and cladding, increasing its use in ventilated cladding, kitchen and bathroom worktops or furniture, among others.


Beside the benefits of traditional porcelain, XLINING offers even more advantages.

Lightweight. Its light weight facilitates transport and handling during installation. The reduced thickness of the tile lightens its weight without compromising durability.

Versatile. Offers a wide range of specifications: large-format ceramic tiles add a sense of spaciousness, create a relaxing environment and an overall look that is sober and harmonious.

Easy installation. As they are pieces with a larger surface area, fewer tiles are required, thus saving installation time. In addition, they can be laid on top of any surface, without having to remove the existing material, consequently avoiding rubble, noise and dust.

Suitable for façades

Suitable for façades. Large-format ceramic tiles have the ideal technical qualities for façade cladding, both because of their size and the advantages of durability, resistance and energy saving they guarantee.


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XLINING’s designs seamlessly integrate with the rest of APE Group’ s collections. We achieve this thanks to our own design department and with partners in Italy and the United States. This allows us to adapt to the trends of each market with bespoke products. Discover all the XLINING collections here.