XLINING, new APE Grupo’s large-format brand

XLINING is the new APE Grupo's large-format brand

XLINING is the APE Grupo’s new large-format brand. XLINING is an innovative product that offers superior technical and aesthetic properties to conventional coatings.

This brand joins APE Grupo, along with APE, the group’s flagship, with more experience and market knowledge, and Carmen, which offers small-format, delicate and technically evolved products.

This new product will allow APE Grupo to grow in EU countries, the Maghreb region, the Far East and the Middle East. The sales forecast for the first year is 25,000 square meters. XLINING, APE Grupo’s brand for large formats, aims to achieve 5% of the group’s turnover in three years.

Beside the benefits of traditional porcelain, XLINING offers even more advantages. Primarily, its lightness allows for easier transportation and installation. It is only 6 millimetres thick, but this does not reduce its durability.

Its large format is very adaptable and can be specified for all types of use. It can be used for pavements, coatings, ventilated facades, furniture and interior and exterior decoration.

Furthermore, it is easy to install. It requires less assembly time and can be laid on top of any material without having to remove the existing material. This prevents debris, noise and dust.

Lastly, XLINING ceramics have the ideal technical qualities for facade cladding. In this sense, its large format stands out thanks to its durability, resistance and energy saving qualities.

XLINING’s designs seamlessly integrate with the rest of APE Grupo’s collections. The Castellón based company achieves this by having its own design department. Moreover, it has partnerships with renowned architects and designers in the tile industry in Italy and the United States. APE Grupo’s new brand launches with five collections (Wabi Sabi, Alpi Green, Nero Marquina, Vita and Chrome) and a total of 10 different designs.

New product development

APE Grupo’s CEO, José Miguel Pellicer, believes that “constant innovation is our way of understanding work, and that is why we are always developing new products and ways to improve the portfolio”. The aim is to “offer our customers ceramics that help them evolve”.

For the head of APE Grupo, XLINING is another step in this direction. “It’s a brand that focuses on large-format ceramics. We have used the latest manufacturing technologies to create a product that is constantly evolving, with the best technical and aesthetic features,” he concludes.