APE Grupo awakens the senses with ceramics

Ceramics could always be looked at and touched, but now they can also be smelled, heard and tasted. APE Grupo has managed to awaken all the senses with an original staging to present their new collections at Cevisama, with their #6Senses stand. They have done this by combining the product with various different elements that stimulate sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing and intuition, the sixth sense.

Visiting the space designed by the Castellón company will be a unique experience from the moment you enter. You will be mesmerised by the exotic decoration from the Silk series, as you wander among the quetzals and Monstera plants, enjoying the fragrance of orange blossom, which is a symbol of this tile-producing region, along with notes of peach and vanilla that will awaken your sense of smell.

Your vision will be stimulated by every inch of the stand, as ceramics are made to be looked at after all. As is the case with the Contemporary and Apalache series, with their wide range of colours and the hypnotic glimmer from the veinings of Mare di Sabbia. In addition to all this are the various different finishes (matt, gloss, polished, satin, lapatto or natural) and the wide range of sizes, from the 120×260 Wabi Sabi or Alpi Green slabs, to the smallest 5×15 pieces from the Hamptons collection.

The space also incorporates innovative elements that are related to the ceramics that are on display. The famous phrases that stand out from the wall, for example, that explain the concept that inspired each collection: “Fashion fades, style is eternal”, exclaims one of them, which is a quote from the designer Yves Saint Laurent. Accompanying these quotes are QR codes with information about the series being presented.

Among the decoration that adorns the space, you will see an original painting from the painter and sculptor Juan Ripollés, who comes from Castellón. This piece was loaned for the occasion and is presented alongside various marble collections, such as Night Lux, Invisible Gold and Persian Onix.

The APE Grupo stand also pays special attention to the sense of touch, with elements that invite you to appreciate all the fine details of the tiles, such as the embossed textures of the Re-use or Naxos collections, the origami figures that the Klen series is based on or the fabrics full of nuances from the Habitat collection.

And APE Grupo has not forgotten about the sense of taste either. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to ‘taste’ the ceramics presented at Cevisama by the Castellón company, with a limited-edition selection of chocolates that have been produced for the occasion, named after the new products.

The entire tour of the stand, an exhibition that is 350 square metres in size, will be enlivened even further with music designed to awaken your sense of hearing, from classic compositions that harmonise with the Calacatta or Golden Black marbles, to American blues songs that inspired APE Grupo to design the Tennessee collection.

The Perfect Mix

APE Grupo has divided its space into six senses. The sixth sense refers to intuition and is connected to “The Perfect Mix” concept championed by APE Grupo. This explains how the different products and collections supplied by the Castellón company can be combined together to produce surprising results.

With this bold commitment to a conceptual and innovative stand, APE Grupo “showcases its own products through the use of image, design and a large exhibition space. All of our efforts are focused on making us stand out from the crowd”, pointed out José Miguel Pellicer, the CEO of APE Grupo.