Argillae: the new signature collection by APE

Argillae, signature collection by APE

Argillae is the new signature collection by APE. The Italian architect Luigi Romanelli has designed the series exclusively for the flagship brand of APE Grupo. Argillae is Romanelli’s third project, following his successful collections Work and 4.Stones.

Argillae is a love song about the material in its purest form: clay. Its surface and texture are the result of the dialogue between the craftsman’s hands and the earth. The outcome is an imperfectly beautiful surface that teases its colours from the clay in a burst of passion and poetry.

In recent decades, ceramic tiles have undergone a significant journey to become one of the mediums that best reproduces any material. In this regard, Luigi Romanelli says that Argillae “is a journey back to the age-old origins of ceramics: clay work”.

The development of Argillae’s materiality, as explained by the famous architect himself, “is an exploration of traditional ways of manually handling this material to achieve tiles”.

“It involves a non-industrialised process, for which reason the resulting surface is filled with imperfections and the craftsman’s skill is evident on it in some way,” Romanelli explains.

Indeed, clay is a material that is closely linked to our origins as human beings and the first constructions and belongings to be found.

Argillae is designed as a decorative tool brimming with nuances and a wide variety of earthy and neutral tones, while it also offers a plethora of formats, special pieces and decorative accessories. Our aim: design collections that unleash creativity.

Contemporary design

In the signature Argillae collection, the pieces Nisus and Coccio are standouts. Nisus is a decorative relief inspired by traditional cement and mud cladding commonly used in Mexico. It is a piece with a profound, intense relief, highlighting the material’s natural aura.

Coccio is a reinterpretation of the classic terrazzo combined with a colour palette that intensifies warm tones. It is a contemporary design with its own character.

The collection is completed with Murus, a decorated muretto that is perfect for kitchen and bathroom fronts, but also suitable for living areas and public spaces. The tonal variation of each piece highlights the naturalness of the design.

In short, Argillae is another fine example of APE Grupo’s belief in exclusive designs in addition to architectural and interior design solutions. The collection is also available in our virtual space, Red House.