Hotels connected to their surroundings

We need to diversify the business, creating spaces with hybrid and changing places.


More than an office

The idea of creating an office ‘as a service’, a space designed for multiple activities, is gaining traction.



The ‘phygital’ business


The hyperlocal store

Stores and stores specialize with a clear style, more niche-oriented and less generalist in terms of range, with services tailored to the needs of local shoppers.

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The New Habitat 24/25
L’évolution des espaces où nous vivons

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Innovating to meet challenges

The pandemic has brought an acceleration of trends and, in this period of uncertainty and frequent change, we can no longer afford to be paralyzed and wandering about what the immediate future holds.

At APE Group we feel it is our duty to share this learning about change and innovation that we have undertaken to make the profession feel strong and to be able to offer the best of ourselves as a sector to society. This task, which we have been carrying out since our beginnings, has materialized in a pioneering document in the sector, in which we try to anticipate what are going to be the most significant changes in homes, offices, hotels and restaurants, after all, our spaces that we inhabit.

We have always been unique in our constant search for differentiation through design and product presentation; we also want to be unique in our research to respond to the challenges of the future. Will you join us?