Sylvie Atanasio

Sylvie Atanasio, founder and creative director of Studio S, is one of the most well-respected tile designers in the USA, with a successful career creating some of North America’s best-selling tiles. For this collection we wanted to work with her inspiring vision of Iberian ceramics and translate it into a way of understanding contemporary design.



Atlantic heart

Walking through any of the country’s cities you can breathe ceramics and feast your eyes on the colours. The streets are an ode to ceramics. This is why we at Carmen are paying our own personal homage to the tiles we are so passionate about, with a signature collection by American designer Sylvie Atanasio.

Classic Portuguese decorative tiles

The result is a range of 6 decorative tile designs in 13 x 13cm format, available in all of the collection’s colours. The graphic development is characterised by a soft approach, with a subtle yet perceptible faded effect. The colour scheme draws from traditional colours, which have been updated for a more contemporary look.