APE Grupo celebrates its 30th anniversary

APE Grupo celebrates its 30th anniversary and is doing so in its best year ever. APE Grupo’s founders, Pepe Pellicer and Luisa Chenoll, who are the parents of the current owners, have gathered together to celebrate this special date. They have put together an emotional video to explain the beginnings of the company, its main […]

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Un año de récord para APE Grupo.

APE Grupo closes 2021 with record sales

APE Grupo closed the 2021 financial year with record sales, reaching 58 million euros in turnover for the first time. This marks a 30% increase over 2020. The increase in turnover has been underpinned by two key factors. First, the significant growth in stable markets such as Spain, France and the USA. Second, its ability […]

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APE Grupo se suma a la energía solar

APE Grupo goes solar

APE Grupo’s latest commitment is to solar energy. Based in Castellón, Spain, the environmentally conscious company has introduced improvements to reduce its environmental impact and help ensure a sustainable future. Following several awards for its work in this area, the tile company will generate clean energy by installing new solar panels, which will be used […]

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Esencia cerámica para el regreso a Cersaie.

Cersaie: a journey to the essence of ceramics

A journey to the essence of ceramics. That’s what APE Grupo is proposing with its return to Cersaie. The aim is to pay tribute to the extensive journey the ceramic tile has undertaken before becoming one of the mediums that best reproduces any material. To do so, the Castellón firm has set aside 300 square […]

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Rueda de prensa en Casa Decor

The spaces we inhabit in the post-pandemic reality

‘The spaces we inhabit in the post-pandemic reality’ is the study carried out by APE Group in collaboration with future-A, presented at the Casa Decor event in Madrid. The health crisis has accelerated the introduction of many trends that would have taken years to develop. One obvious example is remote working, a new reality to which spaces have […]

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29 aniversario APE Grupo

29 years of APE Group and its best figures to date

APE Group is 29 years old. Last Friday, the company celebrated its 29th anniversary in the best position since it was founded. The figures support this: 2020 was a record year for the Castellón company, reaching a turnover of 45 million Euros for the first time. This involved a 5% sales increase compared to 2019, […]

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